A Love Affair


My affair began in the flash of a moment, a feeling that struck me like lightning; I fell in love instantly. What a beauty! Such grace! Elegant, streamlined, and, amicable personality.


I was proud and introduced her to my neighbors. I saw how much they admired her and looked at me with envy. Her streamlined body attracted the attention of men and the jealousy of women. We went together on the path I chose for us. Just lovely!


Our honeymoon was most exquisite. We traveled from the Atlantic to the Pacific. We stopped in major cities; saw their majestic landscapes, the enormous vastness of the prairies, the snow covered peaks of the Rockies, and the beauty of our national parks. I booked rooms in the best hotels; indoor swimming pools, saunas, exercise rooms, underground garages, all four star ratings. Traveling with her was wonderful, a delightful experience that lasted two full months. But in the third month, on our way back to Winnipeg, she became sick.


Riding through the Rockies her body began to shake. I became alarmed. Her temperature was high and I stopped at the nearest town, but help was not available. I got ice-cold water from the creek that flowed through the town. That gave her some relief. We made it to Calgary, where our honeymoon came to a sudden stop. Specialists examined her. She had major problems and needed more tests. I had to leave her for further checkups and departed with great pain back to the hotel. I felt lonely and disappointed.


Looking back, I thought that our future might still be a joyous trip. Not so! She was week, and had no power. I drove slowly to get home. Although, my love for her has greatly diminished, I still hang on to her. When I drive her, she makes constant noises, clanging her bells, when I push her buttons she refuses to lower her windows. She hardly responds to my commands. The dealership tells me the warranty does not cover these troubles.

            I decided her days were numbered, I must say farewell. It was a hard decision; I got rid of her which ended my love affair. But occasionally I look back to our honeymoon with a sense of nostalgia.