A theory of

Direct Democracy



 George S. Sagi



A Study of Constraints upon Existence, Social Morality,

Group Analysis of Society, Political Era, Socio-Cybernetics Self-Governances







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This fundamental presentation on DIRECT DEMOCRACY (DD) should be compulsory reading in faculties of political science, sociology, and social philosophy. It is essential for pioneering members of DD movements, environmentalists, rights protecting organizations, and progressively-thinking individuals who want to secure the future of civilization. 


A unique potential exists today. Civilization could destroy itself or it could create a universal material and cultural well-being for all  people. A profound analysis from the 'fundamental imposition' on life by nature, and the 'basic imposition' of society, the book demonstrates the need for a new, uplifting, social morality for the peoples of the world, to live cooperatively and in peace. 


No other book exposes so clearly the 'group structure' of society, the 'paradoxes of the political era', and the coming threat of global competition, the myths of free market and free elections, and the inherently adversarial nature of the 'era of politics'. Profound analysis as well as practical methods and models demonstrate the need for radical, and truly democratic changes to save the 'total environment'. Direct Democracy can accomplish this. It requires self-governances by the people. Is it utopia? No it is not. This book presents an alternative to an otherwise bleak future.


Dr. Magdolna Kovacs, President of Denes Gabor College, Budapest. 1998

                                                      ISBN 0-9682925-1-8


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