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On the Brink begins in 1957 with the life story of George, a penniless refugee from communism, from his arrival in Winnipeg, and continues with his rising career. He becomes the president of the world’s largest and richest engineering company, with headquarters in Toronto. In his old age, George, and his lifelong partner, Liz—both are wealthy—become increasingly concerned about their own security and the future of civilization. In 2011 they meet China’s top leaders and learn about their ideas about enlightened rational governance China’s scientific, technological and cultural achievements. The year after, they travel to Moscow and enrol in a course, World Politics, in Moscow State University. Through the deliberations of highly educated individuals from several countries of the world, George, and Liz, learn about thought provoking views how to save civilization from a global economic crash, personal liberties, corporate freedoms, and the protection of the environment. On the Brink Presents a number of reasons to make significant improvements in governances, stop the rapid growth of the economy and world politics before it is too late.


George Sagi was born in 1925 in Hungary. He obtained his engineering degree at the Technical University of Budapest. He obtained a M.Sc. degree and took post graduate philosophy at the University of Manitoba. Dictatorial regimes spoiled his youth and he was a refugee in 1956, and eventually became a Canadian citizen. He wrote extensively about the need for social improvements. His book, New Democracy, was translated and published in Hungary, in 1997, with the subtitle Which Way Forward? Sagi also had a few of his essays and poems published.


ISBN 0-9682925-7-7