A five-minute Writers Group exercise,


Squeaky wheels need it

Thirsty engines drink it

My aching knees could use it


Watch out rust

 I'll polish you up.


The history of the earth must have been turbulent. In the first two-three billion years of its six-billion years of history the gaseous mass solidified. Organic life filled immense oceans, and plants and forests grew on the solid crust. They also died sudden death by buried under tons of mud and solid rock. The boiling belly of the globe threw them up from way below the surface with enormous burps. Heat and pressure turned the buried organic mass into coal and oil.

            That is what I learned in college. Yet, it still puzzles me; why are two different hydrocarbons. What hidden processes took place that turned some organic matter into solid coal, others to liquid oil, and yet others to diamond.

            Lately, I heard about an organic compound that can be injected into my worn-out knees and lubricate them. I wonder which one of these carbon based products is the most beneficial for me.