I don't fancy myself to be a poet. Sometimes I woke up at night and significant historical events prompted me to express my feelings and thoughts in metaphors rather than in an essay or article with clear unmistakable socio-political content. Babylon II, Times of War,  Chant to Remember, and Suffering Earth are in this category. Chant was recited by me on the 50th anniversary of WWII by specific request of CBC Radio in Winnipeg.

Fall and Who Am are philosophical that I wrote in my contemplating mood about life. Farewell commemorates the death of a dear humanitarian friend of mine, who volunteered to help raise 'seeing eye' dogs for the blind, among many other charitable deeds.

Reversed Edge mirrors my critique of abstract poetry in which meaning seems missing, even as metaphoric expression. I re-versed its outwardly arbitrary lines into a similar abstract poem, for you to judge the results. To some people, the reversed lines are more meaningful than the original poem. It would be interesting to know your opinion.

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