By Sharon Scholl


The woman is perfected.

Her aging


body bears the carnal seals of glory.

The illusion of immortality


flows across her stomach folds.

Her feet are saying:


We have come far enough

to rest now.


Her breasts sag, their red bags

plump with harvest reaped.


Generations leap

like spiders from her thread,


testing the wind to float

away, frail dandelion balloons. frail


She will not know where the next

web trembles in the wind,


where the leaper's foot falls,

nor does it matter.


The moon grinds gold upon the river.

She understands such things.



EDGE appeared in the 1996, Janury - March 
issue of OASIS* (p. 26). 


My intention for re-versing EDGE was to illustrate the arbitrary nature of post-modern non-rhyming poetry. Re-Versed EDGE was published, under my pen-name, in ‘Authors Magazine,’ Philip Murphy, Publisher/Editor, 501 Cambridge St. S.E. , Medicine Hat, Alta T1A 0T3, Canada,  April 4, 1996,

*Re-versed EDGE

after Sharon Scholl, by Simon Sage


Perfected woman



her glory is carnal.

Immortality—an illusion


the folds across her stomach

and her feet are testimonies.


Now rest

far enough you have come.


Bags of breast sag,

reaped harvest, plump.


Thread of generations;

like spider's web—leap


float away in the wind,

balloons of dandelion.


Where will the next web tremble

in the wind? She will not know.


Does it matter

where the leaper falls?


The river grinds the gold of the moon.

Such things she understands.




*April 4, 1996,

Published in ‘Authors Magazine’

Philip Murphy, Publisher/Editor

501 Cambridge St. S.E.

Medicine Hat, Alta T1A 0T3.

Tel: 204-284-6564