This booklet describes the initial coincidence of  individual need and corporate interests that ends in discord and hardship. The evolution of mutual interests to alienation is described through Canadian one industry town and cities. These once thriving communities developed throughout the 'Prairies' at grain storage and handling facilities adjacent to then the newly built railroads. New mining cities and towns were developed where large mineral deposits were discovered, and wherever forestry, lumber, and paper industries were feasible to exploit. Many of these one industry communities become ghost towns once the resources were depleted.


By coincidence, the development of large gated communities went through a similar process of growth due to interest of the land and developer housing developers and people who wanted to live in secure crime free homes. Initially the cost of upkeep of the common grounds and facilities was undertaken by the developer in order to make the place attractive. Once the land run out, he no longer had any interest in the upkeep, left the facility to the residents with all the additional costs of running and maintaining the place to the residents.


Searching for Democracy Democracy; In Cities and regions, provides a glimpse into the many unfair laws that grant privileges to a minority and penalizes the majority of citizens.