Suffering Earth

1/20/98. Poetic Prose


The earth is weeping. Growth stops. Dark clouds shed acid teardrops on barren hilltops. Steel cuts deeply into forests. Scars of machinery, soiled landscape.  Choking effusion of fumes pack pockets. The bread of the land became capital exchange. The earth is weeping in pain, crying for change.


Uncivilized civilization. The earth is soaked with blood of fallen innocents, amidst plush comfort, polite poker faces, and phony palm leaves of peace. Negotiations continue between the power-hungry and greedy. In their shadow lurk bloodthirsty instruments of death. Equality, not the one whose flags are soaked in blood, but the equality of arrogance pervades. Dominant power knows no mercy, but carries its own demise, the wind of decline, and death. Time patiently waits with indifference, while the earth is weeping.


Culture is suffering from self-inflicted injuries. The mother of all is weeping, while we grope for solutions to stop the rape of the globe and the human spirit. We stare at the flickering images of horror, traveling with electronic speed to our homes. Are we becoming immunized? A blinded society? Viewing but not seeing horror gorging on living flesh?


Time to awake from our daze, our inept slumber. Time to weed out hunger and tearless tyrants, not just the pitiful peddlers of fog forced. Choke the oracles of hatred hiding protected behind false freedoms. Hear the cries of unwanted children, the unborn will never know pain and suffering. Block the filth oozing out of the flickering images in our darkened rooms. Let the rain of renewal sprinkle our gardens to germinate the seeds of new hopes.


The earth, the crying mother of creation, is in waiting for the birth of a new era of shining justice, harmony, created by bravery and determination. Turn all weapons against their own creators: the eliminators—resolve the paradox. No more confrontations. Remove the wedges that split the minds of nations and fire emotions. Find a magic potion for the unity of humanity. Endurance awake, let the fog rise from your eyes. Wipe off the tears of the earth.