Written in ten-minutes as a writers Group excercise


     I succeeded! The compound I have been trying to formulate for years, The Pill, is completed. Now the test. The moment I swallowed it my voyage began. My body shrunk so fast that I became invisible even to myself. Yet, my vision increased by the same proportion. A new world of infinite space revealed itself to my amazement. Wow! What a vision!

     Myriads of minuscule energetic particles were zooming by with speed much faster than light. The very substance of the universe and the source of incessant changes revealed themselves to my mind. I quickly recognized that the long sought Grand Theory of Physics exists and it can unify the many fragmented theories of nature.

I admired the simple but marvelous ingenuity, the essence of elementary forces causing all events on earth and changes in the universe. I was observing primordial particles, the very building blocks of matter. They were speeding by me coming from every direction of the void and disappearing into space; a term they have now given a specific physical meaning. In my amazement I was also witnessing the elementary laws of motion, interactions. Most astonishingly, there were no rebounds from head-on collisions, but a speckle of elementary mass was created. Of course, with absolute solidity without internal structure — as Democritus imagined atoms to be -– how could such particles not rebound like billiard balls? They cannot, I witnessed it! Primordial particles did not rebound. For an instant of time two particles were bound together and the energies of their motion turned into an elementary mass.

Wow! The old presumption that mass is elementary turned out to be incorrect. Mass is a compound unit of primordial particles. So P particles, as I called them in my voyage into invisible space, existed without mass. They appeared to be spherical, extremely small, and in incessant motion with enormous energy of motion. Now I understood the real physical essence of energy in Einstein’s formula as it turns into mass. There were many other kinds of interactions between randomly moving P particles, other than head on collisions. In lesser frequency, I witnessed three or more primordial particles colliding in balanced symmetry, and turn into a speckle of mass in relative rest. They were soon blown apart or forced into rotation by other primordial particles bumping into these peculiar momentary mass-formations.

I was also trying to measure the enormous speed of P particles. As I was considering to find some means by which I can measure an interval of time, I realized that the only instrument I could use to measure time with were by comparing the relative positions of P particles in motion. Neither time nor space would exist without primordial particles. Motion, and in this case moving P particles and their interactions could only define time and space indivisibly from one another. An interval of time by itself could only be estimated statistically from the number of the most frequent events; the most frequent collisions and interactions between P particles and the least frequent ones, then taking one of these as an arbitrarily unit of time. Matter, motion, time, and space became indivisible in the minuscule world I have become a witness to observe.

     Space, time, and mass were defined by motion of primordial particles in this ethereal world of the endless paths and interactions of myriads of P particles. It became clear that mass-bearing matter have their originating cause in the ceaseless interactions of primordial particles. This ethereal background could explain the four forces of nature, the speed of light, radioactive decay, and other open chapters of physics.

     I hope that next in my dream, I will take another trip into the infinitesimally small world of primordial particles.