Who Am I?                                



Descartes said

“I think,

Therefore I am”.



I think

of my childhood

my mother’s embrace

my father’s silent love


I think

of birth, my brother,

the way he sucked

two fingers since birth


I think

of my attachment

to him, my small village,

muddy streets


I think

of coal-oil lamps

chopping wood for stove

drawing water



I think

of my mentors

given me much

to navigate through life


I think

of my teachers

who taught me

to think


I  think

of love

my lovers embrace

knowledge of passion


I think

of rebellion, war,

defamation of mind

savagery to body


I think

did I contribute?

a quest to leave behind

a morsel of gift


I think

Therefore I am

mere memory of

A brief Passage